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Storing files in FirstClass  
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Storing files in FirstClass

About storing files
There are several methods for uploading files, such as word processing or graphics files, to FirstClass for your own use, or for sharing with other users.
7202010_20004_0.png Note
If you are working with a large file that is only on your computer, and you, or someone who might download this file, use a slow connection, consider compressing the file before uploading it. Compressed files often transfer faster and take up less space on the server.
You can share a file by attaching it to a message or by storing it in a container. If you attach the file to a message, you can add explanatory text in the message body. If you store the file in a container, it is available to anyone with access to that container.
Although we refer to sharing files, you can also share FirstClass objects, such as documents, contacts and mail lists, bookmarks, and voice greetings.
We describe attaching files to messages, but you can also attach files to other FirstClass objects, such as documents, and calendar events and tasks.
7202010_20004_0.png Note
FirstClass objects attached to messages can't be transferred over the Internet.

Storing files in containers
To upload a file to a container:
1 Open the container.
2 Choose Upload from the Create field.
3 Click Browse.
4 Select the file you want to upload.
5 Click Upload.
To preview an uploaded file, double-click it. To download an uploaded file, choose Download from the context menu.

Storing files in your File Storage folder
The File Storage folder on your Desktop is a place for you to store uploaded files for your personal use. You can store files of various media, such as text, pictures, sound files, and movies. In list view, the type of file is displayed.
As is the case for other containers, you can create subcontainers to organize your files. There are specialized folder templates for pictures, music, and movies, that provide optimized environments for those media.
The Music template has a list view that includes the information, such as genre, that often accompanies an MP3 file.

About picture thumbnails
When you upload a picture, a thumbnail of that picture is used as the file's icon.
To see a larger version of thumbnails in list view:
• select "Variable height rows" in the pane's view properties
You can then enlarge the icons by widening the icon column.
add the Thumbnail column.
Thumbnails are displayed at a size that is larger than the default icon size. If your container will store only pictures, you can use the Thumbnail column in place of the Icon column.